7 Back Yard Things to do Together With Your Children This Summertime, So Go Put Your Sit and Stand S

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Published: 11th July 2012
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It’s 7am and you notice the dog down the street barking. It is the only real noise in such a peaceful community that's noisy enough to wake you from your deep sleep. You peer through the window and the sunshine has just begun to pour above the tree-tops. The outlook indicates an ideal 75 degree day with no shortage of sunshine. You ponder ‘maybe I'll take the little ones on a stroll using the impressive new sit and stand stroller’ but 'no' you think, that’s what I do on a regular basis. You’re a mommy of two young boys (or simply insert number, age, and gender of your respective young children here) who are, at this time, sound asleep. Silence is bliss, nevertheless in a matter of seconds they're going to be awake and playing about, all set to unleash his or her build up of energy outside the house.

Very first thing that shoots out of your children’s lips is normally “Sandbox!” or it could be “Pool!” The kids have not forgotten about the things you had promised them the evening before. Small children definitely never forget. The final thing you said to the kids yesterday evening was basically, “Yes love, time to fall asleep, close your eyes! In the morning we can have a great time at the pool!” You actually do not like to think about this but one thing, which inevitably lingers in the back of your mind is, “What should you do when they get tired of the pool?” What will keep them busy outside?

I have a baby and a toddler, so I know this predicament much too well. One of the easiest ways I have seen is almost always to change the activities up regularly. Always keep things fresh and different. Keep it challenging enough to ensure they are interested, but not so challenging they give up and lose interest. I highly recommend you read on for some enjoyable and different ways to always keep these prized kids busy.

1. Nature Scavenger Hunt - You choose what things to put on a list every time you set off. A few ideas can be “things that are green”, “something that makes noises”, “something fuzzy”, "anything rough,” “a couple kinds of seeds,” “any cool-looking bug,” etc. I've found this to be perfect for keeping my own child occupied whenever we go on walks while my baby merely stays in your stroller and enjoys the ride. Jogging stroller, sit and stand strollers, and bicycle trailers are great for this kind of occasion depending if you are feeling like walking or cycling your family around!

2. Children’s Outdoor Garden - They are at a curious age of learning and discovery. They would like to do everything you do and in addition they would like to learn all about it. A fantastic way to do it is to do a Google search on the ways to make a raised bed garden. Provide them with their very own planting spot to call his or her own. Help them learn the best way to plant seeds and then the process of watering the seeds to get them to grow. Day after day he or she can return to the garden not to mention water, take out weeds, collect flowers, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables of his or her own! (PS: This is a great test to see if they are really able to care for a dog!)

3. Ice Sculpting - Make several ice cubes (you may use different shaped ice-cube containers), put food coloring inside before they freeze, and then let the little ones construct castles and sculptures outside the house.

4. Monster art and spray painting - Pick up an inexpensive bright white bed sheet which you can suspend from a clothesline or up against the fence. You need quite a few squirt bottles to fill up with liquid watercolor paint. Let them have a great time spraying the sheet with some different colors! Or perhaps purchase a few of those rubbery spike balls from the dollar store or maybe Wal-mart, dip all of them in tempura paint, and throw them all at the white sheet.

5. Enhance your current slip 'n' slide by adding a water arch - Begin by using PVC pipes that have slots cut from the pipe, put the parts together with each other so that it results in an arch. Stick it on top of your slide so the slide passes through it. Whenever your youngsters are sliding, it should produce a cool waterfall or shower effect.

6. Create a backyard beach - Create a pretty big sand box, put a little toddlers swimming pool and a few beach seats inside. You can also stick a few pegs in the beach sand and make a fun cover shade.

7. Water Pinatas! - Suspend water balloons from the jungle gym or simply a very long tree limb. Then simply have the children alternate swinging blindfolded at the balloons!

I think you will find these types of exercises as fun as my little ones have. Taking walks are great should you have the very best sit and stand stroller, but occasionally you'll have to change it up!

Pray this helps you and your youngsters have a more pleasurable summer!
James Jay Kelly

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